photo by Angela Lynkushka

"Photographs are influential. They inform and change people's values."

Angela Lynkushka works in the genre of portraiture and documentary photography, chronicling contemporary Australian life; recording people in their environment and culture.

Lynkushka’s images explore the juncture between photography as art form and as historical document. The photographs move beyond the composition, towards a final distillation of a moment  – the witness of existence. In her work, identity and place become anchored in history.

Her recent series of photographs Now that I am a Man I can go to War, Monash Gallery of Art, places the focus on figurative images of young men.

Exhibitions include Youth Culture: Australis in New York; Portraits of Gippsland Aboriginal Elders, State Library of Victoria and Krowathankoolong, East Gippsland.

In 2010 an Artist Residency in New York inspired Lynkushka to create a series of portraits, Big Shots – NYC Artists, photographs of visual artists, performers and Jazz musicians.

Angela Lynkushka is represented in major collections throughout Australia, Tel Aviv, New York and internationally including the Australian National Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art Library in New York and the Beth Hatefutsoth Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, Israel.

Lynkusha’s work is available for exhibition and purchase.

You can see more images in these collections:
National Library of Australia
Australia Dancing website
State Library of Victoria (type "Lynkushka" into the search box)



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